19 for 19 Campaign Update

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  • From Eric Potoker '85, Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Campaign Video Update (Featuring Calhoun Students!)
  • Campaign Donors: Alison Max Rothschild '85 and Karen Greene
  • Campaign Supporters to Date

Dear Friends,


When I became a Trustee, I knew little about how independent schools were funded. I assumed that large tuition checks were sufficient to fund school expenses and facility investments, but quickly realized how wrong I was. Tuition does not cover a school's operating expenses, let alone its ability to make programmatic investments. 


As we prepare for a new era of leadership in our community, now is the time to make a major new investment in Calhoun. The 19 for 19 Campaign for Calhoun will make this possible, raising $19 million through our three fundraising programs – the Annual Fund, the Gala and Major Gifts – with the majority of funds raised directed to our Endowment.


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"I am acutely aware of how lucky I am to have spent so many years of my life in this special community, and am deeply grateful for the life I am living, both professionally and personally. I owe much of it to my Calhoun teachers, mentors and friends. 


Though my Calhoun story may be longer than most, I know that my experiences are not unique. Calhoun is filled with students, teachers, parents, grandparents, alumni and parents of alumni who share my gratitude. If you are one of those people, I urge you to join my family in making a gift to the 19 for 19 Campaign for Calhoun."


- Alison Max Rothschild '85, LS Director

  Maddie Rothschild '31


"Calhoun is the foundation for Monte's future.  My family contributes as much as we can because it's an investment - not only in our son's education, but in the person he's becoming. 


The 19 for 19 Campaign for Calhoun will not only benefit my child and his classmates, but it will ensure that other children, who may not have the financial means to attend Calhoun, are able to join and strengthen our diverse community. Giving to the Endowment provides valuable resources to children of all backgrounds so that they have access to an excellent progressive education." 


 - Karen Greene, Board of Trustees
   Monte Greene '25




(as of November 3, 2016)


$1 Million +

Anonymous Trustee* 

The Beir Foundation

Jocelyn and Jon Brayshaw*

Patricia and James Glasgow*

Kelly Behun-Sugarman and Jay Sugarman*


$400,000 - $999,999

Anonymous Trustee* 

Shaiza Rizavi and Jonathan Friedland*


$100,000 - $399,999

Anonymous Trustee*

Anonymous Trustee*

Susan and Peter Barkey*

Susan Brown '62

Camomile and Dylan Hixon*

Louise Gore and Parker Phillips*

Jennifer Arcure and Eric Potoker '85*

Tonia David-Sinatra and Steven Sinatra*


$40,000 - $99,999


Melani and Jonathan Bauman*

Julie Martin and Ivan Fonseca*

Nicole and Steve Frankel*

Marcia and Aasem Khalil*

Rosa Sabater and Matthew Leavitt*

Diana and Walter Levitch*

Melissa and Robert Liberty*

Maria Zaitseva and Jason McIntosh

Alison Max Rothschild '85 and Michael Rothschild*


Up to $39,999

Paige and Andrew Bart

Stefanie and Amit Bhalla*

Andrea and William Black*

Colleen Pike Blair*

Lori Fleishman Dorr '92 and Paul Dorr*

Amy Edelman and Brett Gold* 

Karen and Walter Greene*

Nicole Giles and David Hawkins*

Hanh and Kevin Livingston*

Bernadette Mitchell

Barbara and Stephen Pyles*

Claudia and Derek Singleton*

Susan and Richard Thomson*

Eric Ryan 


*Supporting Calhoun's Endowment and the 2016-17 Annual Fund


(as of November 3, 2016)


Steve Nelson Society ($10,000 +)


Anonymous Trustee

Deborah and John Abrons
Susan and Peter Barkey
Jocelyn and Jon Brayshaw
Lizbeth and Michael Conboy

Julie Martin and Ivan Fonseca

Nicole and Steve Frankel
Shaiza Rizavi and Jonathan Friedland
Patricia and James Glasgow
Barbara Knappmeyer and Paul Glimcher
Amy Chiang and Danton Goei
Patricia and Jay Grossman
Joshua Grossman
Stephanie Santamaria and Jeremy Hitzig
Camomile and Dylan Hixon
Marcia and Aasem Khalil

Rosa Sabater and Matthew Leavitt
Diana and Walter Levitch
Melissa and Robert Liberty
Louise Gore and Parker Phillips
Jennifer Arcure and Eric Potoker '85
Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller '83
Kelly Behun-Sugarman and Jay Sugarman
Marisa and David Wolfson

Beir Society ($2,500 - $9,999)

Melani and Jonathan Bauman
Joyce Capuano and Chris Belardi
Stefanie and Amit Bhalla
Andrea and William Black
Sally Holmes and Douglas Curtis

Rebecca Miller and Daniel Day-Lewis
Laure Ysebrant de Lendonck and Olivier De Henau
Lori Fleishman Dorr '92 and Paul Dorr
Amy Edelman and Brett Gold
Ashley and Steven Ganz
Nicole Giles and David Hawkins
Melissa and Scott Hirsch '86
Hanh and Kevin Livingston
Colleen Pike Blair
Tonia David-Sinatra and Steven Sinatra
Elise Yablonski and Ralph Stone
Elaine and Robert Witkoff


Up to $2,499

Conrad Allen
Mindy Anderson '68
Samara Savino Antolini '06
Debra Havas Aronson '79
Margaret and Richard Aspinwall
Edwin Ayala
Gabriel Berenbaum '12
Marcella Best
Meighan Stoops
Eduardo Butelman
Kimberly Cassidy
Cara Tucker and David Changar
Erika Zamfirescu and Igor Chubaryov
Tracy Riposo-Cook and Ronnie Cook
Fernanda Couto
Kyle Anderson
Kate Davis '10
Dianne and Paul Dorr
Brendan Doyle
Marjorie Duffield
Lisa and John Eckstein

Auguste Elder
Tina LoGiudice and Patrick Ellsworth
Mary and Howard English
Tanya Espy-Disparti
Stephanie Ferguson
Emi and Francesco Filiaci
Elizabeth Gass '11
Joeli Gay '14
Alex Gelband '05
Emily Glaser '10
Marjolaine Goldsmith '10
Karen and Walter Greene
Tony Guzman
Cara Finnerty and Thomas Haggerty
John Hale '03
Roberta and Lawrence Harris
Danita Harrison
Andrew Hodgkins
Loretta Wick Holland '68
Carrie Walker and Andrew Hume
Jono Hustis
Alison Foster and David Hyman
Sarah Rosselli and Daniel Isquith
Jessica Dudley and Jonathan Zelenak
Susan Joyce '80
Camille May Jumarang-Oyola
Linda and David Kahn

Deborah Ottenheimer and Herbert Karpatkin
Sheila and Amir Kirkwood
Marsha Sokolovskaya and Richard Kleter
Erinmarie Sullivan and Marcin Kowalski
Ronnie Lerner
Megan McDonnell and Carlyle Lincoln
Kyra Louie '12
Michael Luzmore '13
Susan Berenbaum Malfitano
Max Marcus '05
Ariella and Jason Marlow
Leslie Whitney and Gary Marmorstein
Joan Masket
Eric Massa
Sam Nagourney '05
Kristin Nastos
Nicole and Jonathan Nelson
Wendy and Steven Nelson
Jessica and Steven Nelson
Jessica Neufeld '07
Hilary North
Jarrad Nunes
Ellen Kwon and Matthew Olenich
Robin and James Otton
Isabel Oyola
Danica Pacifici '12
Rosa Payne
James Pierce
Sherman Pincus
Alba and Troy Polsley
Roz and Ernie Potischman
Melissa Esteve-Martins Pucci and Giovanni Pucci
Barbara and Stephen Pyles
Julia Ramos
Amy and Aaron Reitkopf
Rosemary and David Rentschler
Mary and Morris Rossabi
Alexandra Sanchez '03
Marco Sanchez
Anna Sanidad
Craig Schatten
Lee Bryant and Norman Schwartz
Vanessa Shuster-Raizberg '99 and Serge Shuster
Doug Siegal
Claudia and Derek Singleton
Lauren and John Spirig
Margaret Stein '12
Dana Lerner and Richard Stock
Susan and Rick Thomson
Rebecca Turcotte
Ute Lemper and Todd Turkisher
Jeffrey Greenbaum and Prescott Ulrey
Gillian Munson and Taylor White
Barbara Rockenbach and Daniel Wilderman
Daniel Winarick '03
Susan Goldstein and Ivan Wolff

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