Deconstructing Race

In January 2012 the W. K. Kellogg Foundation awarded The Calhoun School an initial grant of $250,000 for Deconstructing Race, a three-part youth-based project on issues of white privilege and institutionalized racism. The initial proposal was for a documentary film, curriculum and website. The Bertha Foundation and the Gilder Foundation have since come on board with grants towards the project, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has also added to its original grant.
Schools Line Up for Viewings of Feature-Length Doc, I'm Not Racist...Am I?
Calhoun's feature-length documentary film, I'm Not Racist...Am I?, produced in collaboration with Point Made Films and completed as part of Calhoun’s Deconstructing Race initiative, is now being shown in private viewings at schools across the country.

The film follows a diverse group of teens through a yearlong exploration of race and racism. The film's completion this past spring successfully marked the end to the first phase of the school's three-part project. 

“When we talk about racism in this country, the conversation lingers in the realm of individual bias and prejudice; we all proudly claim, “I’m not racist.” But, somehow, we still have racism," observes Catherine Wigginton Green, director of the film.  "The teens in this film chose to look deeper. By watching the painful, awkward, uncomfortable--and sometimes even fun--process they went through, we get an opportunity to learn and do more ourselves." 

Catherine and producer André Robert Lee will be traveling with the film as it screens at schools and universities.  The first showing of the film, at the Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, MD, was held for faculty/staff in August 2014, with a plan to share the film with students at a later date. Said Roland Park's Diversity Director, Marlo McNeil, about the film: 
I'm not Racist...Am I? is a deeply engaging and powerfully thought provoking documentary that redefines what we thought we knew about racism. After witnessing the courage and vulnerability of 12 teenage students, viewers are compelled to engage in the often uncomfortable yet purposeful, necessary and meaningful discussions about race and the impact systemic racism has on our society. It’s a must-see for high school students as well as educators and parents of all ages."
Upcoming Viewings/Workshops:
The Wellington School, Columbus, OH (Upper Arlington News, 9/10/14)
Mills College Children's School, Oakland, CA
History Colorado, Denver, CO
Baylor University, Waco, TX

To schedule a facilitated workshop and viewing, please contact:  
Lenny Walker: lenny@pointmade.com
Follow the progress of the film on social media:
I'm Not Racist Website: www.notracistmovie.com
I’m Not Racist Movie Trailer: http://www.notracistmovie.com/about/trailer/
Twitter: @notracistmovie
Deconstructing Race Receives Grant from Asian Women Giving Circle
The Calhoun School, in collaboration with Point Made Films, is proud to be one of the recipients of this year’s Asian Women Giving Circle grants.  The announcement was made in late July by the organization, with funding provided by the Asian Women Giving Circle, a donor-advised fund of the Ms. Foundation for Women. 
The grant will support the production of a short film by Point Made’s executive producer Barb Lee, titled Asian Kids Don't Count. The video, the second in a series of 13 educational shorts on racism aimed at teens, will be accompanied by a toolkit of materials for teachers and teens that explore macro issues of racism—such as bigotry, privilege and stereotyping, including the model minority myth and derogatory depictions of Asians in the media. The first video short in the series, titled I Wish I Were Black, was completed earlier this spring.
The series of educational shorts will be used to complement the documentary feature film, I'm Not Racist...Am I?, which was completed last spring and is at the center of the Deconstructing Race project.  The film follows a diverse group of public and private school teens through a yearlong exploration of race and racism. 
About the Deconstructing Race Project
Deconstructing Race is planned as a three-part youth-based project including the documentary film, curriculum for students in kindergarten through twelfth grades, and an interactive website for students, teachers and parents.

“The ultimate objective of the feature film—and the overall project—is to expose the myth of color-blindness in a society that, for many, espouses a post-racial mantra,” explains David Alpert, who initiated and has been spearheading the Deconstructing Race initiative for The Calhoun School.
Point Made Film’s three films before I’m Not Racist-Am I? include Adopted, an investigation into the unforeseen complications of transracial adoption; The Prep School Negro, a poignant film that examines the experiences of African American scholarship students at the nation’s most elite schools; and In 500 Words or Less, which explores the college application process through the eyes of high schoolers. (The Prep School Negro had its national PBS premiere in February 2014.)
Deconstructing Race has received grants from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Bertha Foundation, the Gildner Foundation, and the Asian Women Giving Circle, plus numerous endorsements from organizations, educators and scholars who strongly support the project, including Jack and Jill of America, Inc. and the National Association of Independent Schools.
Foundation Support
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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Bertha Foundation

Asian Women Giving Circle
For Information
For more information about the Deconstructing Race project, contact:
David Alpert
DR Project Director
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