Eat Right Now Lunch Program

In the fall of 2002, Calhoun hired Chef Bobo from the French Culinary Institute to revamp the school’s lunch program, with the goal of offering students, faculty and staff a nutritious alternative to the institutional food traditionally offered.

Since then, Calhoun's holistic approach to healthy eating has earned the school its position as a leader and pioneer in school food programs. With Chef Bobo at the helm, Calhoun’s Eat Right Now lunch program is aimed at providing students with healthier meals while building a deep understanding of the importance of a well-balanced diet.

Chef Bobo’s program fosters numerous opportunities for Calhoun students to learn about food and its relation to their physical and mental well-being. Chefs frequently go into classrooms, offering cooking demonstrations that focus on health, science-oriented lessons about herbs and chemistry, and social studies and linguistic lessons that expose children to diversity in cultures and foods. There are also a number of after-school cooking classes for students that reinforce the importance of high quality ingredients, recipe variety and well-seasoned food. Ultimately, the integration of the food program into the life of the school creates an environment that promotes healthier attitudes about food and eating behaviors.

Eat Right Now Program Moves Beyond Calhoun’s Walls

Since its inception, Calhoun's Eat Right Now program has been a successful role model for healthy lunches. The breadth and reach of the program has expanded with an aggressive outreach for public and corporate support that allows Calhoun to benefit a broader audience of institutions, raising awareness and providing education with a hands-on initiative to improve food service for children. Chef Bobo is a frequent speaker at conferences on school lunches and healthy eating. Chefs and representatives from around the country are frequent interns in Chef Bobo's kitchen. And at least five of our sous chefs have gone on to begin similar lunch programs at other schools, including the Family Life Academy (FLAC)—a public charter school in the Bronx.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

Inspired by Eat Right Now, Calhoun's community supported agriculture (CSA) program was started in the fall of 2009 by the Parents Association. Families, faculty, alumni and former parents pay for a membership share, which gives them access to fresh produce from a local farm for 12-14 weeks. Read more 

Awards & Recognition

Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook
Published in 2004 by Meredith Publishing, Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook was a finalist in the 2005 International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards. The book includes 150 healthy recipes tested in Calhoun's kitchen, illustrated with pictures of students and scenes from the school. Find some sample recipes.

Top Green School
In August 2005, Calhoun was recognized as one of the top "Green Schools" in the country by The Green Guide, in no small part due to the school's Eat Right Now lunch program and the commitment to serving fresh, local produce, and teaching the value of healthy eating.

Crusader Award
In 2008, Calhoun was unanimously named the top "Private School Crusader Award" by Kiwi magazine for having the healthiest school lunch program of any independent school in the nation.