Middle school classroom

Calhoun teachers have created innovative ways to teach during hybrid learning. Explore creative lessons from each division that engage at-home and in-person students alike. 

LS-EC student talks to students via Zoombot

Calhouners have maintained a sense of community throughout hybrid learning. Through the use of new technology tools and intentional planning by educators, students are finding new ways to connect.

MS teacher uses Zoombot in class

When Calhoun moved to a hybrid learning model, teachers incorporated new technology tools. From virtual meeting spaces to online educational platforms, these tools have enhanced the learning experience for students both in school and at home. 

MS teacher writes on smart board

When Calhoun introduced a hybrid learning model, teachers rose to the challenge. With the use of new tools and creative approaches to classroom curriculum, students are getting the same enriching education whether at school or at home. 

Hybrid Learning at Calhoun: Finding Flexibility

Maintaining its individualized approach, Calhoun has implemented a hybrid learning model that preserves the educational experience while providing flexible options for families and students amidst changing needs. 

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