Calhoun Spaces

Our our open learning spaces were intentionally designed to maximize opportunities for hands-on projects and inquiry. Our approach to space allows us to forge strong connections: with one another, across disciplines, and to the world beyond our classroom walls.

81st Street

Calhoun's main building on West End Avenue and 81st Street serves students in 3rd-12th grades. Our open classrooms were built to facilitate dynamic inquiry and discovery. Many of Calhoun’s classes are taught seminar-style, with students sitting around a table debating, discussing, and sharing ideas with one another. Teachers are in tune with the learning styles of the students, and our classrooms are flexible enough to meet the needs of all of our students in the way that they learn best.

74th Street

The Robert L. Beir Lower School building is a five-story townhouse on West 74th Street that serves students in our 3's-2nd grade programs. Children enjoy large, bright classrooms, a STEAM Discovery Lab, library, theater/auditorium and music room. An outdoor terrace and gym provide Little Calhouners with ample space for physical education classes and recreation. Students also frequent Central Park and Riverside Park, both within walking distance.

Science Labs

Calhoun has a series of modern, fully stocked laboratories for our science program. Our labs allow students to take multiple years of chemistry, physics and biology, and learn through hands-on experimentation and collaboration.

Athletics Center

The top two floors at Calhoun house our Steven J. Nelson Athletics Center: a regulation gymnasium and a fitness center. Calhoun students take part in physical education classes during the day, and have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic sports after school. Go Cougars!

Art Studios

Calhoun’s visual arts programming takes place in our art studios, wood shops and dark room. Students participate in a variety of art activities, including pottery, sculpture, painting, printmaking, graphic design, filmmaking, photography and wood shop.

Performing Arts

Calhoun's Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center has multiple floors dedicated to the performing arts. We have two theaters, and dedicated rehearsal spaces for our student musicians and actors. Our performing arts program is for all students, preschool through 12th grade.