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Welcome to Cougar Nation Online! 

During a period of distance learning, the Calhoun community explored what togetherness can look like from afar. Use this space to connect  – with your mind, your body, and each other. This page will stay open during the summer so everyone can enjoy a number of resources from Calhoun community members including live event recordings, video tutorials and creative content to keep you engaged and inspired during this time of physical distance. 

Miss your fellow Calhouners? Watch one of our live event recordings on the community page. Looking for ways to get your child moving? Head to the movement page and find personalized activities led by our coaches. Feeling overwhelmed by changes to our day-to-day? Visit the mindfulness page to hear from our counselors, read recommended resources, and find tips to help you center.

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Recipes from Chef Bobo
Fun Digital ASP Activities
Calhoun Creativity from Home

Community Resources


Featured Workout Videos
Yoga Practices
Cougar Kids’ Corner

Movement Resources


Counselor’s Corner
Kevin’s Mindful Minute
What’s Centering Us

Mindfulness Resources

Virtual Events

Meditation led by Dan Harris
Talk by journalist Damaso Reyes ’96
Yoga with Stephan W. Kolbert '86

Past Event Recordings


This video, produced before the pandemic, shows the vibrancy of our community; we hope it connects you to our school family during these times.