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Speaker Series: Our Changing Relationship with Media and Technology at Home During COVID-19


It’s amazing how fast things can change. One day you are lamenting how much time your child is on social media each day, and now you are beyond thankful that they can connect with their friends during quarantine. Endless hours on FaceTime once concerned you and now you wonder if they could talk a little longer because you need to finish a Zoom before dinner. So much has shifted in our lives since the onset of the coronavirus and our relationship with our screens is an important one to reflect upon. How do families navigate these changes while still maintaining a healthy relationship with media and technology?

Join Calhoun Head of School Steven Solnick and Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, Executive Director of the National Association for Media Literacy Education,in conversation about these important questions. 



#CalhounTogether Spirit Week!

During the week of May 26 join us as we celebrate the ways our community has continued to stand together, even when apart. Let’s come together to celebrate our school and lift each other up. 

Celebrate #CalhounTogether Spirit Week!

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The Calhoun community is a creative bunch! Explore content from parents, teachers and students—everything from coloring pages to original poems, to at home performances!

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