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Mindful Minute with Kevin

You may know Kevin R. from 6th grade math, the volleyball court, ASP, or the Middle School Dungeons & Dragons club. But did you know he’s been exploring mindfulness for the last few years? Follow along as he invited us into his process, and shared guided meditations.

Mindful Minute with Kevin



What's Centering You?

We asked community members to weigh in on what’s helping them slow down and feel grounded.

Danny Isquith: US Director

Content: Online Number Puzzles

Why: I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a brain that doesn't have an easy-to-find off-switch. It can be started up by something big, like a worldwide pandemic, or something incredibly small, like being two minutes late to a meeting. Once it gets moving, there's very little I can do to stop it from charging full steam ahead.
That said, I have found that engaging my brain in fun and engaging puzzles is something that almost immediately calms me, centers my mind, and allows my brain to focus its energy on something other than anxiety. Puzzles capture my attention quickly and deeply, and I find that minutes (and sometimes hours) can pass in the blink of an eye. When I re-emerge from the puzzle, I am calmer and I have a sense of accomplishment due to the problem-solving in which I engaged.
In a time when anxiety is heightened for everyone, distractions have been important, as have moments away from a computer screen.