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Slowing down and taking a breath can be hard when surrounded by uncertainty and change. That’s also when it can be most beneficial. Explore these resources to help you pause, relax and recharge.


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Mindful Minute with Kevin

You may know Kevin R. from 6th grade math, the volleyball court, ASP, or the Middle School Dungeons & Dragons club. But did you know he’s been exploring mindfulness for the last few years? Follow along as he invited us into his process, and shared guided meditations.

Mindful Minute with Kevin



What's Centering You?

We asked community members to weigh in on what’s helping them slow down and feel grounded.

Nina Leksin ‘05: Director of School Office


Content: Daily Calm Meditation (on the Calm App)

Why: I begin each day with the Daily Calm on the Calm app. It helps me start the day with an open and clear mind. Many days, especially during these uncertain times, I wake up with racing thoughts and feelings. Getting into a meditation routine has helped me to acknowledge these feelings without letting them control me. I have tried different meditation apps and this one is my absolute favorite!