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Mindful Minute with Kevin

You may know Kevin R. from 6th grade math, the volleyball court, ASP, or the Middle School Dungeons & Dragons club. But did you know he’s been exploring mindfulness for the last few years? Follow along as he invited us into his process, and shared guided meditations.

Mindful Minute with Kevin



What's Centering You?

We asked community members to weigh in on what’s helping them slow down and feel grounded.

Sebastian Taylor ‘21: Student

Content: My bike!

Why: My bike has been the only way I can get around the city since the pandemic started, and it's one of the reasons why I haven't completely lost my mind. I go on rides every few days down the West Side Highway bike path or in Central Park. These hour-or-so-long bike rides are the only times I can leave my house, so I appreciate being outside so much more. Being alone gives me time and space to be on my own and just reflect on different moments in my life, but it's also a way I can go outside and get some exercise. For me, the most difficult thing about quarantine is not being able to go outside and play sports and exercise, so these bike rides have been able to make up for that. As the weather gets nicer, this is something I would recommend doing if you can!