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Week 3: Taking Time Away From Screens

by Francesca Canin, US Counselor 

How do we allow ourselves to step away from the screen when it has become our major source of how we spend the day learning and connecting?

As I go through my day connecting with students, colleagues, friends and family, I need to remind myself to take a moment and step away from the screen. My mind needs a break and my body needs to move. As Fernanda wrote about last week, trying to shut our brain off as our thoughts race around in our heads, we also need to stop and shut down the screen. We need to take time to breathe deep and center ourselves. Then we need to get up and move, this is the week to move in any way you can, put the music on and sing at the top of your lungs, dance to the beat, ask others to join you so you motivate each other. Touch your toes then stretch up to the sky. Do that several times. Now how do you feel? Keep going if you feel up to it. Moving your body can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. There are many ways to do this, how many steps does it take to walk around your entire home? 

There are many ways to move. See how many you can do and remember to breathe. Self-care is so important during this time and reach out for help when you need it.   

Unplug and take care, 
Francesca Canin, US Counselor


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