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Week 5: How Are We Different Now

by Francesca Canin, US Counselor 

As I go for my daily walks trying to clear my mind and energize my body thoughts keep popping up. My question, how are we different-how has life changed in the past 8 weeks? Have most of us slowed down, and followed orders to stay home. Home has now become school, work and a place we must be in. However some must still work outside the home becoming the essential workers who help keep us all going in some way. How are we all still coping with all the changes wishing we could go back to “normal” whatever that may mean now. Do we miss being in school or work seeing our peers daily, feeling connected. 

How has this changed us or has it changed us. Are we now in what will slowly become the “new normal”? Since we have had to slow down and spend more time with ourselves we’re hopefully learning ways to just be. This is a time to try and look at the positive: are we looking out for each other, sharing our thoughts, having a good laugh, and staying connected.

I asked US students to look for positive change. Have we learned to bake, cook, or do laundry? Have you found a new passion or appreciation for what you can do? Have we become better listeners, taking more time to support one another? Have we found new ways to cope, knowing that may look different for everyone? How do we share our ideas with those around us?

So take time to think about how you are different now - what could be your positives? 

Take good care of yourself
Francesca, US Counselor 


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