What's Centering You?

We asked community members to weigh in on what’s helping them slow down and feel grounded.

What's Centering You?

Alba Polsey: MS Science Teacher

Content: Wonder Media Podcast "Ordinary Equality" | LINK

Why: I have been trying to stay active during this shelter in place time. Being active has always given me space for myself, it is the one hour of the day where I can do something that is entirely just for me, for my body, for my mind.

I know a lot of people like to listen to music that gets them going during a workout. Not me. I like to listen to a podcast that gets my blood pumping by listening to some social justice issues and that will allow me to deal with frustration in a different way: working out.

This podcast is called Ordinary Equality, and it is a brief history of women's rights and how, after almost 100 years, the Equal Rights Amendment has another chance to change our country's history "once and for all."