What's Centering You?

We asked community members to weigh in on what’s helping them slow down and feel grounded.

What's Centering You?

Mike Zurkuhlen ‘06: MS Art Teacher

Content: Creating Sound Electronically - CougarBeats 

Why: I've been dabbling in the musical arts since deciding it would be cool to be in a band around age 12, and recently, I am exploring electronic music and sound in all its wonderful forms.

This quarantine is providing a lot of time to continue that, and the process is really helping me to process the world and how I'm feeling as well. Creating music offers nearly endless opportunities for experimentation with sound, and the only limit is really what you know how to do with the tools at your disposal. I don't often create with a goal in mind, rather letting the experimentation run free. Something I've noticed is that working with electronic music is making me rethink how we conceptualize time (which is interesting because the quarantine is doing the same thing!). We think of time as linear, as has-happened and yet-to-happen, but the music is measured in beats per minute, bars, phrases, and loops. The sounds and beats placed within those loops are continuous even if they are muted, and I find that comforting. I've created in many ways for as long as I can remember, and it has always been a place I can reliably come to help me see how I'm really feeling and figure out what to do with those feelings. That seems especially important right now. At the root, though, it's just a lot of fun!