Lunch Menu

The lunch menu is updated on a biweekly basis.

Menu Planning
A ten-day menu plan is submitted one week in advance for approval. Each chef rotates in creating the 10-day plan. Since we are a "nut free zone," the kitchen uses no nut oils, no peanut butter or anything having nuts in it. Occasionally we serve sunbutter, which we make in-house with toasted sunflower seeds.

One hot entree will be offered each day. Portion size varies according to age group. In the 10-day menu plan there will be:

  • 40% Chicken
  • 20% Red Meat
  • 20% Fish
  • 20% Vegetarian/Vegan

One hot fresh vegetable is offered each day. All vegetables are prepared as vegetarian or vegan, meaning no animal products is used in seasoning. Vegetables are served in season for best nutrition and taste.

All starches are prepared as vegetarian, meaning no animal product is used in seasoning. Whenever pasta or grain is prepared with meat, chicken or fish as an entrée, a vegetarian/vegan alternative will be available. Whole wheat pastas and whole grains are to be used whenever possible.

A soup is offered each day. All soups are made from scratch with 90% being vegetarian and made from our own vegetable stock. All stocks (vegetable or chicken) are made in-house in accordance with French technique.

Sandwiches are vegetarian 70% of the time. At no time should the sandwich and soup both be made using animal protein, i.e., if chicken soup is being served then the sandwich will be vegetarian/vegan. Various types of bread and wraps are used. Whenever possible the bread is a whole grain products.

Salad Bars
Our salad bar contains salad makings, vegetarian protein items, cold fresh raw vegetables, canned tuna, fresh raw fruit and salads. Composed salads are also created for the salad bar each day using leftovers from recent meals. For instance, these salads may be vegetable salads, chicken salad, potato salad, pasta salad, etc. Salad dressings are made from scratch by our chefs every day. Also, vinegars and olive oil are available.

Fruit is dessert on 80% of the menus. Fresh fruits are greatly varied and served in season. One prepared dessert may be served a week. At no time will we use packaged or commercially prepared desserts. The portion size for dessert varies depending on the desert but is usually around 2 ounces.

Lunch Calendar


SOUP: Veg Puchero
SANDWICH: Portobello Reuben
ENTREE: Pollo horneado
VEGETABLE: Cauliflower
STARCH: Freekeh
DESSERT: Fresh Fruit


SOUP: Carrot Soup
SANDWICH: Beet and Goat Cheese Wrap
ENTREE: Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff
VEG. OPTION: Mushroom and Tempeh Stroganoff
VEGETABLE: Peas and Shallots
STARCH: Egg Noodles
DESSERT: Fresh Fruit


SOUP: Sweet Potato and Cabbage
SANDWICH: Pumpkin Seed Butter, Tomato, Mozzarella
ENTREE: Spice-Rubbed Pork Loin
VEG. OPTION: Spice-Rubbed Cauliflower Steaks
STARCH: Polenta
DESSERT: Fresh Fruit


SOUP: Lentil Soup
SANDWICH: Italian Combo
ENTREE: Spinach and Pesto Green Lasagna
VEG. OPTION: See Entree
VEGETABLE: Vegetable Medley
STARCH: See Entree
DESSERT: Fresh Fruit


SOUP: Butternut Squash and Corn
SANDWICH: See Entree
ENTREE: Chipotle Chicken Torta w/ Black Bean and Avocado
VEG. OPTION: Black Bean and Avocado Torta
VEGETABLE: Green Beans and Onions
STARCH: Roasted Potatoes
DESSERT: Fresh Fruit