Calhoun's Eat Right Now Lunch Program

Calhoun's holistic approach to healthy eating has earned the school its position as a leader and pioneer. With Chef Bobo at the helm, Calhoun’s Eat Right Now lunch program aims to provide students with healthier meals while building a deep understanding of the importance of a well-balanced diet.

The program fosters numerous opportunities for Calhoun students to learn about food and its relation to their physical and mental well-being. The chefs frequently visit classrooms to offer cooking demonstrations and teach about the health, science, culture and politics of food. The integration of the food program into the life of the school creates an environment that promotes healthier attitudes about food and eating habits.

If you have any questions about Calhoun’s lunch program, the menu or the process, please reach out to Chef Bobo.

Chef Bobo's Blog

What's for lunch on this cold day?

Pernil is roasted pork shoulder which is cooked in different ways throughout Latin America. Some traditions cook it fast at a very high temperature. Others cook it “slow and low”.  For today’s pernil, Chef Jose is going in a completely different direction, meaning that it will be cut into cubes and cooked. However the seasonings are all the same as when it is cooked whole.  The meat is seasoned with a typical Dominican sofrito which includes garlic, peppers, cilantro, cumin, and oregano.  An interesting feature of the Dominican tradition is the adding of both orange juice and vinegar to the marinade.  The pork has marinated in the sofrito, orange juice, vinegar and olive oil for over 24 hours.  Today the cubes will be browned in the oven and then transferred to our serving pans.  They will then be covered with aluminum foil and placed back in the oven to finish cooking.  You may recall that early in the year we served a Haitian dish called “Haitian Pork Grilot”, it was cooked much the same way and that dish inspired Jose to prepare today’s pernil in cubes.

A cheer of appreciation to Chef Akira Onizawa

Pollo Jalapa (we call it Jalapeno Roast Chicken) is roasted chicken that is from either Jalapa or Xalapa (Jalapa is in Guatemala and Xalapa is in Mexico).  They are pronounced the same.  When cooking this chicken the ingredients of tomato, onion, garlic, herbs, and vinegar are pureed with water and poured over the chicken to marinate overnight.  Before cooking, the chicken is sprinkled with finely chopped jalapeño peppers and then roasted. Wherever this dish originated, they did a great job, it is delicious!

Vegetarians and Vegans will have the option of the amazing Braised Artichokes & Lima Beans which Chef Ilya introduced to us a few years ago.