Calhoun's Eat Right Now Lunch Program

Calhoun's holistic approach to healthy eating has earned the school its position as a leader and pioneer. With Chef Bobo at the helm, Calhoun’s Eat Right Now lunch program aims to provide students with healthier meals while building a deep understanding of the importance of a well-balanced diet.

The program fosters numerous opportunities for Calhoun students to learn about food and its relation to their physical and mental well-being. The chefs frequently visit classrooms to offer cooking demonstrations and teach about the health, science, culture and politics of food. The integration of the food program into the life of the school creates an environment that promotes healthier attitudes about food and eating habits.

If you have any questions about Calhoun’s lunch program, the menu or the process, please reach out to Chef Bobo.

Chef Bobo's Blog

Braising Chicken 101

Today’s entrée is a chicken dish that Chef Oscar created a little over a year ago.  He had been searching for various ways to braise chicken.  None of them appealed to his creativity.  So he did what any good chef would do he used techniques that he read about to create his own method and flavors for braising chicken.  Keep in mind that braising means that the protein is first browned and then finished in liquid, usually in a heavy pot in the oven. Today’s Braised Chicken has been marinating overnight in a paste of chipotle peppers in adobo, garlic, olive oil, onions, paprika, cumin, chili powder, sherry vinegar and salt.  Once the ingredients are pureed until the onions or finely chopped, the chicken is covered with the puree and left to marinate overnight.  This morning the chicken will be removed from the marinade and roasted in a hot oven until it just begins to brown.  At that point the chicken will be put in serving pans and covered with the braising liquid which consists of chicken stock, tomatoes, fresh corn, garlic, scallions and cumin. It will be returned to the oven to finish cooking. When the chicken is fully cooked it will be removed from the oven and it is ready to serve.  Sounds like this recipe has bits and pieces from various latin cuisines along with American influences.  The technique for cooking is definitely French.  Kudos to Oscar’s determination and creativity to come up with a delicious braised chicken.  I know it’s good because he has made it for us before!

You have to love Baked Potatoes!

The entrée will be a Baked Potato.  We are doing this differently than we did in the past.  Before we offered a potato with or without butter.  Now it will be baked potato with DAIRY or without dairy.  With dairy will not only have butter in it, but also, for the first time, cheddar cheese!  YUM!  We’ll still have sour cream and chives you can add to your potato if you want them.  And, as mentioned above, spoon a little of that vegetarian chili over it.  Oooh, that’s good!

Chef Oscar's Chicken Soup, Colombian style !

Sancocho (from the Spanish verb sancochar, "to parboil") is a traditional soup (often considered a stew) in several Latin American cuisines derived from the Spanish dish known as “cocido”.  The one Oscar is cooking today is one of the more famous comfort foods in Colombia.  While it traditionally has several kinds of meat in it, today it will be chicken sancocho.  Some say this soup is so comforting that "It shouts out loud: I really care for you!"  It is also believed that it is so powerful that it can bring the dead back to life!  Should we plan to cook this on Halloween!