Head Lines from Steve

Head Lines is a monthly newsletter from Head of School Steve Solnick to the Calhoun community.


 Head Lines from Steve: May 2021

It's May! How did that happen? This last month marks the longest stretch I've gone without sending an update since the Before Times. Hopefully, this is another sign of our gradual return to normalcy. A lot has happened since I last wrote to you. A helicopter flew on Mars. The United States announced ambitious new greenhouse gas reduction targets. The Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis ended in a conviction on all counts. 

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A Message from Steve: April 2021

As we look ahead to more daylight, better weather and the (hopefully) final stages of our pandemic restrictions, we're beginning to take some careful steps towards restoring normal school life. The first of those steps will be to expand the rotations of those Middle and Upper Schoolers with blended in-person and remote schedules.

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 Head Lines from Steve: March 2021

The last year has been an extraordinary test for all of us: the unremitting stress and fear, the loss of routine, the separation from loved ones, the lost rituals like graduation or camp or sports. And, of course, there have been more profound losses that we have yet to properly mourn. It is important for all of us to remember that just surviving this national trauma and helping your children (our students) feel safe and still engaged in the comforting routine of learning has been a monumental achievement. 

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A Message from Steve: Spring Break & Beyond

February is the shortest month, but it has certainly packed a lot of excitement this year! As March arrives next week, I want to take the opportunity to look ahead a week, a month and a year to share what I'm excited about and where my crystal ball is cloudiest.

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A Message From Steve

We are less than two weeks into a new Presidential administration and there has already been a marked shift in how the government is addressing scientific topics like health and climate. It seems clear to me that as a nation it will take us a long time to recalibrate our frameworks for evaluating news and assessing facts, and there is a critical role in all this for educators, since schools are where children first learn to judge whom to believe and how to question.

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