Progressive Ed Traditions

First offered in 2008-09, Progressive Education Traditions (PET) is a free evening course for adults and Calhoun's Upper School students designed to deepen our understanding of progressive education.

Classes are held in the evening, over the course of five months. Participants are provided with articles to read, and are asked to participate in class discussions, complete a small group assignment and present a final project. Classes are facilitated by Head of School Steve Solnick, Director of Enrollment Andrew Hume and Academic Dean Julie Torres.

Guiding Questions

  • What is the purpose of education?
  • What is known about the way children learn? How can and does that inform teaching?
  • What does competency and mastery-based curriculum and assessment look like? How can that be brought to life?

Possible Class Topics

  • History and Theory of Progressive Education
  • How We Learn: Brain-Based Research and Educational Implications
  • Competency/Mastery-Based Curriculum and Assessment

For more information, please contact Andrew Hume.

Program Details

Who can apply? Calhoun Upper School students and the entire adult Calhoun community (employees, parents, alumni, grandparents, former parents) are invited to apply. NYC educators are also welcome.

(Please note: Due to heavy interest and limited space, application does not guarantee enrollment.)

For More Information

For more information, please contact Andrew Hume, 212-497-6511.