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5th grade students

By Robin Otton, Director of Lower School Admissions
Calhoun's Director of Lower School Admissions Robin Otton provides tips for prospective parents on navigating school visits and finding the best learning environment for students. 

Sophia Morel '98

Sophia Morel '98 has spent the last 15 years making an impact on the youth of New York City. Having worked her way from an intern at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) to its senior director of Education, Career and Enrichment Services, Sophia has used her love of education to help young people thrive. 

Student holds kite

Students in the 3's program engaged in an inquiry-based study all about kites. Using their own questions as a guide, preschool students investigated the topic through books, hands-on learning and cultural exploration. 

Jaia Junior Workshop Project

By Jaia W. '20
For her Junior Workshop project student-athlete Jaia W. ‘20 developed a test-taking guide for fellow athletes. Comprised of information relating to sports psychology as well as neuroscience, the guide provides student-athletes with the tools they need to improve their test-taking performance

Sydney Ashton '20

Sydney A. '20 set a high goal for herself after joining the Girls' Varsity Volleyball team -- to play Division I in college. Through self-determination and hard work, Sydney made her dream a reality and will play for Virginia Commonwealth University next fall. 

Ellen Kwon

Upper School English teacher Ellen Kwon helps students build a connection with literature by presenting works from a diverse group of authors, all while placing emphasis on building essential analytical skills.

student reading

By Hamida Butt, Learning Specialist and Curriculum Coordinator
Calhoun Learning Specialist and Curriculum Coordinator Hamida Butt shares simple strategies for enhancing literacy development in young learners at home, using family activities as a catalyst for learning. 

Upper School Bioethics class

Students in two of Calhoun's Upper School science courses are learning core skills while exploring the impact science has on our society. As they learn of the implications of scientific innovation throughout history, they build the foundation for analysis and informed decision making. 

Chef Bobo serves lunch to a student

By Chef Bobo, Executive Chef & Director of Food Service
Calhoun's own Chef Bobo sheds light on how he creates learning opportunities in the Calhoun kitchen, using each meal to teach children about food, culture and nutrition. 

Student shares work with teacher

By Larry Sandomir
Teacher Larry Sandomir shares insight on the many ways progressive education impacts students, shedding light on how this approach simultaneously nurtures and challenges each student uniquely.