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Student reads in class

By Larry Sandomir
7th grade English teacher Larry Sandomir sheds light on how he creates an environment in which students feel motivated to express themselves through writing, creating meaningful work imbued with their personal points of view. 

Students work on computers

Fifth graders in Computer Technology class are learning core technology skills through real-world application. From building a personal budget using Excel to delving into coding, students are learning to navigate an increasingly technological world. 

Upper School Anthropology Museum Trip

As part of their Introduction to Anthropology course, Upper School students engaged in a critical examination of the ways in which indigenous cultures and materials are represented in museums, coming face-to-face with the ethics of archaeological practice. 

Kevin teaches Middle School math

Sixth grade math teacher Kevin Randazzo challenges his students to think flexibly. As they take on problems and engage in projects, Kevin encourages students to work through challenges and use missteps to inform new problem-solving strategies. 

Lower School Halloween Assembly

By Megan McDonnell, Lower School Theater Teacher
In our preschool-2nd grade program, we use assemblies to build community, forge deep connections with curriculum, and foster leadership skills in our youngest students. 

What Junior Workshop Is and Why It Matters

by Robert Rue '85, Upper School teacher
Calhoun's Junior Workshop program, a mentored project required of all 11th graders, is an example of the type of education that fosters innovative thinking in students.

Sophia Morel '98

Sophia Morel '98 has spent the last 15 years making an impact on the youth of New York City. Having worked her way from an intern at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) to its senior director of Education, Career and Enrichment Services, Sophia has used her love of education to help young people thrive. 

Student holds kite

Students in the 3's program engaged in an inquiry-based study all about kites. Using their own questions as a guide, preschool students investigated the topic through books, hands-on learning and cultural exploration. 

Jaia Junior Workshop Project

By Jaia W. '20
For her Junior Workshop project student-athlete Jaia W. ‘20 developed a test-taking guide for fellow athletes. Comprised of information relating to sports psychology as well as neuroscience, the guide provides student-athletes with the tools they need to improve their test-taking performance

5th grade students

By Robin Otton, Director of Lower School Admissions
Calhoun's Director of Lower School Admissions Robin Otton provides tips for prospective parents on navigating school visits and finding the best learning environment for students. 

Sydney Ashton '20

Sydney A. '20 set a high goal for herself after joining the Girls' Varsity Volleyball team -- to play Division I in college. Through self-determination and hard work, Sydney made her dream a reality and will play for Virginia Commonwealth University next fall.