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Student cleans up local park

Kindergartners became passionate about caring for the environment while engaging in an interdisciplinary study on sustainability. Through their work students explored a variety of topics including math, science and social studies—all through the lens of sustainability. 

Middle schooler raises his hand in class

Seventh grade students became advocates for First Nations peoples after engaging in an in-depth study that touched on elements of science, history and social justice. After researching issues that continue to plague this community, the Middle Schoolers took steps to make change and educate the public. 

Student shows off work at Mammal Museum

First graders become researchers through an interdisciplinary study of mammals. Students then share their knowledge with the Calhoun community during the annual Mammal Museuma special display of their detailed work.

Student Oliver Rauch

Oliver R. didn’t discover his passion for art until his junior year, let alone consider artmaking as a future path. But since then Oliver has found his distinctive voice through a thorough exploration of the diverse experiences Calhoun offers. We chat with Oliver to learn more about his path to artmaking and the creative process behind his first stop-motion animation film.

Words Matter: The Seventh Grade Speaker Experience

By Larry Sandomir
Students in seventh grade English welcome a number of guest writers, artists and speakers into their classroom throughout the school year. These guests inspire the students in their writing and share their perspective on how language has the power to move, connect and heal.

Lower School Celebrates 100 Days of School

Lower School students celebrated 100 days of school by creating a 100 Day Museum featuring a variety of projects, showcasing their skills in math, reading, writing and more.