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Student enjoying Blackout Calhoun Spirit Day

Celebrate and cheer for the Cougars at the first school-wide Blackout Calhoun Spirit Day of the season! Show your #CougarPride Thurs., Oct. 4, during some great spirit day events.

Basketball Training Program Image

Upper School athletes can now register for two new Cougar Training Programs hosted by the Calhoun Athletics Department. The Strength & Conditioning program and the Boys' Evening Basketball clinic begin the first week of October. Go to Calhoun's Camps & Clinics page for more information.

Sydney Ashton '20 on the Granada National Team

Sydney Ashton, Calhoun junior and Girls’ Varsity Volleyball athlete, participated in the ECVA Senior Championships as part of the Grenada National Women's Volleyball team. The championship tournament took place in Antigua & Barbuda in August. Sydney finished the tournament ranked as the 7th best receiver, 6th best scorer, and 6th best spiker in the tournament. Congrats, Sydney! Cougar Nation is proud of you!

Reflecting on the Power of Words

MS English teacher Larry Sandomir introduces his seventh graders to the power of language and its potential to create beauty, magic and change. His hope, he says, is to impress upon his students that even one person can change the world by using their voice.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Calhoun is shaping a community of leaders, one student at a time. From an early age, our students are trained to think deeply, to be confident in expressing themselves, to take responsibility and to work for new solutions, innovation and positive change

Calhoun Fest

“Calhoun Rocks” was the mantra for 2018's Calhoun Fest, held days before Thanksgiving. The event offered students and faculty a chance to reflect on who we are and what we value as a community.

Gingerbread Study Brings Literature to Life

It was a familiar sight during the holiday season: children making homemade gingerbread houses in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But for Tillie Scarritt’s first grade class, this was more than a festive baking project; it was one element of a dynamic literary study

How to Talk to Kids About Tragedies

A message from Lower School Director Alison Rothschild
In the Lower School, teachers have begun to discuss disaster relief projects with students.  As an institution committed to developing empathy and social consciousness in all of our students, conversations about collection efforts provide a developmentally appropriate avenue for this work.

Mindfulness Matters

From schoolwork, college applications, peer pressure and parental expectations to the stress of 24/7 connectivity and digital information overload, it’s a lot for young brains to handle. External pressures—and those self-imposed—are impossible to totally avoid, so Calhoun makes an enormous effort to reduce stress; one way is by introducing the concept of mindfulness into the classroom.

Student Voice

Lower School Director Alison Max Rothschild ’85, Middle School Director Danny Isquith and Upper School Director Lorenzo Krakowsky talk about one of the central tenets of Calhoun’s progressive approach to learning—student voice—and explore what it means, why it’s important, and how it finds expression in the daily life of our children.

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