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Larry discusses the book Night with students

By Larry Sandomir
7th grade English teacher, Larry Sandomir, discusses how teaching the Holocaust expands the emotional intelligence of his students; inspiring them to question the world around them and to discover the power of their own actions.

Calhouners Give Back at Harvest Festival

The entire Calhoun community came together for Harvest Festival. This year's theme was “Calhoun Spirit in Action,” and the day was characterized by students extending their school spirit outside the walls of Calhoun.

Students collaborate to mix paint colors

Social Justice is woven throughout the curriculum at Little Calhoun. As children work, play and make connections, they learn important lessons about fairness, and reflect on the ways they can impact their communities in positive ways. 

Journals created by 5th graders as part of their immigration study.

Fifth graders brought immigrant journeys to life this semester, through cross-disciplinary writing projects in language arts and social studies classes. In social studies, students researched immigration at the turn of the 20th century, while their work in language arts focused on viewing immigration through a contemporary lens. 

Preschooler with bird project

Preschool teachers launched a grade-wide study of birds that would tap into their students' natural curiosity. And as soon as the project took flight, it was clear they had found a topic that was full of possibility!

2nd Grade Class

When it comes to searching for a school, an in-person visit is an invaluable tool in determining whether the school is the right fit for your family. But with many schools on your list, what’s the best way to make the most of each visit? Our admissions team shared their tips for what key questions to ask and features to look for on a school tour.

Young Calhoun student in classroom

Getting ready for a student visit? We've outlined what you can expect at Calhoun and how to make the most of your time during your time with us. 

Upper Schoolers at Black Rock Forest

Far from 74th and 81st streets, away from the hustle and bustle of our urban landscape, Calhoun has a forest as a classroom, where our students connect with nature and deepen their learning. Over the years, students from Lower, Middle and Upper School divisions have traveled to Black Rock for experiential, on-site learning in multiple disciplines.

The MS baseball team huddles together

Student-athletes at Calhoun learn the tenets of leadership. They find success on and off the field as they apply the core values of self-awareness, teamwork, empathy and resilience to their athletic endeavors and beyond.