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Lower School Celebrates 100 Days of School

Lower School students celebrated 100 days of school by creating a 100 Day Museum featuring a variety of projects, showcasing their skills in math, reading, writing and more.

 Upper School science teacher Naomi Choodnovskiy

Upper School science teacher Naomi Choodnovskiy gives her students the freedom to make discoveries on their own as they become scientifically literate problem-solvers. 

Making Learning Personal at Calhoun

Individualized teaching is central to the Calhoun learning experience. Here, Calhoun teachers explain how they tailor their methods to ensure students reach their potential and demonstrate their understanding. 

Larry discusses the book Night with students

By Larry Sandomir
7th grade English teacher Larry Sandomir discusses how teaching the Holocaust expands the emotional intelligence of his students, inspiring them to question the world around them and discover the power of their own actions.