Parents Association

Founded in 1923, the Calhoun Parents Association (PA) is a vital partner in the school community. Its mission is to support the educational goals of the school, facilitate communication between families and staff, and provide an inviting and warm social environment for all members of the community. All parents are welcome to take part in the life of the PA!

The PA leadership consists of two co-presidents, two vice presidents for each division, a treasurer and a secretary. There are cluster reps for each cluster in the Lower School, and grade reps in the Middle and Upper School. Cluster and grade reps act as communication liaisons between fellow parents and the PA. In addition, there are committee chairs for the many activities hosted by the Parents Association, from social and cultural events to workshops, fundraisers and outreach programs.

PA Officers


Leigh Gerstenblatt (P '26, P '28)
Louise Litt (P '23, P '23)

Mary English (P '27)

VP Upper School
Patty Glasgow (P '21, P '26)
Melissa Liberty (P ’26, P ’23, P ’21)

VP Middle School
Stephanie Santamaria (P '27, P '27, P '24, P '21)
Ana Garcia (P ’28, P ’26)

VP Lower School — Elementary
Sara Danzig (P '29, P '26)
Robin Geisler (P '31)

VP Lower School — Early Childhood
Jenni Jones (P '32)
Courtney Wolff (P '33, P '35)