PA Activities and Officers

Annual Tea

Towards the end of the school year, the PA holds an afternoon reception to honor all faculty, administration and staff. Guests enjoy refreshments and decorations prepared by parent volunteers, followed by special presentations honoring employees for their landmark years of service (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25+ years).

Book Fair

Calhoun's Annual Book Fair is held in May at the UWS Barnes & Noble Book Store (82nd & Bway). For one full day, 9am-10pm, Calhoun receives a percentage on ALL PURCHASES that are accompanied by a voucher distributed in the store by the PA and available on this Web site. Plus, parents, grandparents and friends can purchase and donate books directly for the school (selected by our teachers and librarians) and have the family or child's name imprinted on a bookplate inside. (See Calhoun Book Fair for details about this year's event).

Calhoun Carnival

The BIGGEST AND BEST CARNIVAL ON THE UPPER WEST SIDE takes place on the first Saturday in May, 11-5pm. Games, food, carnival rides, merchandise, entertainment--there's something for everyone. Planning starts in early spring, but EVERYONE gets involved on the day of the carnival. (see Calhoun Carnival for details about this year's event.)

Calhoun CSA

Calhoun CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a vegetable co-op venture in partnership with Paisley Farm, an upstate farmer in Tivoli, NY, that currently provides specialty produce to such high-end New York restaurants as Picholine, Angelica's Kitchen and the Daniel Boulud restaurants. On its trial run in Fall 2009, 50 memberships were sold to Calhoun community members, who will receive a weekly distribution of farm fresh, locally grown vegetables. As an additional aspect to the CSA food co-op, the PA hopes to promote a program whereby students will be able to visit the farm for day trips, to help with planting, transplanting, picking and foraging, under the supervision of Calhoun teachers. The Calhoun CSA is also working with Chef Bobo to provide opportunities for the Calhoun community to engage in further conversation about food and nutrition. (see Calhoun CSA for more information)

Community Outreach

The Parents Association is a member of and supports a number of local organizations, including JSA, The Parents League, Parents in Action, Riverside Park and Central Park. See Community Outreach.

Grade/Cluster Parent Reps

As liaisons between parents, the PA and the administration, cluster/grade parents are encouraged to attend PA meetings and Division Meetings to keep up-to-date on school activities and issues, contribute to the planning of special events, and welcome new parents. Grade/Cluster Parent Reps are also responsible for maintaining e-mail lists of their grade or cluster and communicating via e-mail about PA issues. New parents are encouraged to contact their grade reps or the officers of the PA with any questions.

Parent Forums

Parent Forums, sponsored by the Parents Association, focus on educational, developmental, behavioral and family issues. Guest speakers may include members of the school community or outside experts. Please check the Calendar for upcoming events.

Student Portraits & Cluster/Grade Photographs

Individual portraits and cluster/grade photographs are taken of students in Lower and Middle School each year by a professional photography and offered for purchase in an assortment of sizes. This is a SERVICE to parents provided by the Parents Association; it is not a fundraiser. (See calendar for in-school photo dates, which take place in the fall.) This service is addition to the candid photographs available for free download from the Media Gallery, taken by the school's Communications team.


Welcome Back Picnics

A Welcome Back Picnic is held each year in Riverside Park during the first week of school for families of 3's-2nd graders and 3rd-5th graders.

PA Officers


Barbara Pyles (P '20, P '23)
Sheila Kirkwood (P '26, P '28)

Farrah Zabar (P '24)

Daphne Smith-Naylor (P '25, P '27)

Vice Presidents, Upper School
Hillary Kahn (P '19, P '19)
Ken Vidal (P '22)

Vice Presidents, Middle School
Elif Ongoren (P '25, P '25)
Louise Litt (P '23, P '23)

Vice Presidents, Lower School 81st
Leigh Gerstenblatt (P '26, P '28) Stephanie Santamaria (P '27, P '27, P '24, P '21)

Vice Presidents, Lower School 74th
Margaret Spencer (P '29)
Kourtney Bogard (P '30, P '28)

Volunteer Coordinator
Amy Edelman (P '21, P '17)