Calhoun 2025 Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees has formally adopted a new strategic plan for The Calhoun School, titled Calhoun 2025.

The Plan outlines our priorities for the next five to seven years, and is organized around four themes, presented from the perspective of the student. The first theme, My Calhoun, focuses on the individual learning journeys of students through our school, committing us to clearly specifying and communicating learning objectives within and across subject areas. The second theme, Our Calhoun, recognizes that our school is much more than a collection of students on their individual learning journeys – it is also a strong community of collaborative learners with a distinctive culture and a strong set of shared values. The third theme, Calhoun Everywhere, recognizes that our school is embedded in a vibrant city that is an extension of our classroom, and a turbulent national and global commons to which are students are connected like no generation before them. And finally the fourth theme, Investing in Calhoun, underscores the importance of investing in our facilities and our people to ensure that we are poised to innovate in support of our mission.

Visit the Calhoun 2025 web page to read the full text of the Plan and watch a short video introducing its core themes.