Host a Calhoun Student Mentorship or Internship

One of the capstone experiences for Calhoun students is the Senior Work program in 12th grade, an internship program that helps our students transition from high school to their personal and professional futures.

This year, we are requiring students to participate in a virtual mentorship program as a way to gain valuable insight into their chosen industries. In addition to the virtual mentorship, students will also have the opportunity to take part in a remote internship experience on a smaller scale. 

We rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to connect our students with meaningful Senior Work opportunities, and we invite any interested members of our community to host a student as a mentee or virtual intern. This is a valuable opportunity to be involved in the community and take part in the trajectory of our students' journeys from Calhoun to their next steps.

If you would be interested in volunteering your time as a mentor or internship supervisor this spring, please fill out this brief form. If you know someone else who might be interested in hosting a student, please feel free to forward this information to them.

Mentorship/Internship Details, 2020-21 Senior Work Program

Mentors will meet regularly with a curious Calhoun senior for a series of structured conversations — about their own career trajectory and mentors they’ve had along the way; about their industry more broadly, its current trends and forecasts for the future; and about how a Calhoun senior might best set themself up for success should they choose to follow a similar path. The time commitment for mentors is roughly two hours per week, for approximately six weeks starting at the end of April. 

Internship sponsors will host a student for a virtual internship. A student might do the traditional labor of an internship (research, virtually attend meetings, manage small tasks, etc.), but will complete their tasks remotely. The scale of a virtual internship would be 8-15 hours per week, and students will have other commitments that will require some flexibility in scheduling.