Article by Meghan Chidsey Published in International Journal
US Social Studies Teacher working with students

An article by Upper School history and social studies teacher Meghan Chidsey was published by the International Journal of the Sociology of Language.

In her article, “The language medium ‘divide’: Ideologies of Hindi-English use at four all-girls’ ‘public schools’ in North India," Meghan looks at the history of language use at all-girls private schools in North India. The article is based on a chapter of her doctoral dissertation in anthropology at Columbia University, using research conducted during a year of ethnographic fieldwork at four, elite boarding schools in northern India under a Fulbright scholarship.

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In Calhoun’s Upper School, Megan teaches world history as well as electives such as Introduction to Anthropology, Global Mythology & Folklore. She is also Calhoun’s Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach. Watch a video of a project in Meghan’s anthropology class.