Amadi W. — Silenced Voices

Amadi W.
12th Grade — Packer Collegiate Institute
Brooklyn, NY

Amadi Williams is a multidisciplinary artist from Brooklyn NY, who loves to skate and dance. Through her art, she explores giving a voice to the silenced and bringing attention to social justice issues. Her work always has a message behind it, helping to stir the audience to advocate for the issues she discusses.

Silenced Voices is a series I'm currently creating that takes inspiration from “Vanished Meadows” and the lack of media representation and attention that Indigenous women in America are getting within the missing person epidemic and beyond. I contacted Indigenous women from across the U.S. and Canada to share their stories and tried to bring their emotions into the portraits I painted of them.

The red hand across the faces is the symbol for the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girl’s movement and for an organization called No More Stolen Sisters. Similar to the milk cartons, I wanted to take something people see on a daily basis and make them take time to stop and think. Even if it’s something that doesn’t relate to them directly. This piece is only a stepping stone to more change and I hope to continue this project by working with more Indigenous women throughout the U.S. and Canada to hear and share their strength and help them reclaim their narrative.