Al-ameen I. — A Big Similarity in Red

Al-ameen I.
12th Grade — Femi Omolade Private College
Lagos, Nigeria

My artwork speaks about the power of black, and also that both black and white have the same components which is BLOOD, just the difference of skin color. And lastly, the waves on my artwork indicates the relationship within humans, that we are from the same source. One love!

I make contemporealism artworks. In the sense that I try to relate contemporary artwork and hyperrealism in just one piece, which is so lovely. And also love to do works which speaks about the present situation of the world.

A Big Similarity in Red
Medium: Charcoal, graphite pencil and acrylic on alabaster paper.
Side: 52 x 50 cm

A big similarity in the sense that we blacks and the white have something similar, just as the rich and poor does, too. All man bleed blood, that's a very big similarity. So, I made waves on my drawings trying to stop creating indifference in we humans, we are one. This just shows that I am happy to see the relationship between blacks and whites, hoping for more goodness.