Amadi W. — Blackmail

Amadi W.
12th Grade — Packer Collegiate Institute
Brooklyn, NY

Amadi Williams is a multidisciplinary artist from Brooklyn NY, who loves to skate and dance. Through her art, she explores giving a voice to the silenced and bringing attention to social justice issues. Her work always has a message behind it, helping to stir the audience to advocate for the issues she discusses.

Blackmail is a commentary on voter suppression in America. This year I’m a first-time voter and it was extremely difficult for me to register to vote. When expressing my voting concerns to my mother she told me she was going through the same experience as I was. We talked about the way in which they were putting down our address wrong or misspelling little things on our voter registration as well as my difficulty to register without a license. It then made me think about the ways in which this affects all Americans and the discrepancies that I knew already stood within the black community. Voter suppression is real and it disproportionately affects people that look like me.