Malia A. — ​​​​​​​Joy

Malia A.
6th Grade — Ethical Culture Fieldston
Bronx, NY

I am a young artist based in New York. To me art is a way of self-expression. Ever since I was in preschool I loved to draw. When I turned nine, I decided to turn the thing I loved most into a business and from then on my art has been in galleries. I was one of twelve artists invited as a panelist to discuss art in my home town. I have been interviewed by Westchester News 12’s Ty Milburn and appeared on a local podcast. So, come along with me on this journey!

Joy: My submission piece is based around joy and I chose to make this piece in black and white because I didn’t want the color to be distraction from the main focal point of the drawing which was the face in the middle.