Sophie F. — Torii

Sophie F.
8th Grade — Salk School of Science
New York, NY

My passion is undoubtedly my art. I’m creative and like to express myself through my art. I always carry my sketchbook with me. To me, whether it is graffiti, cartoons, or fine art by old masters, they are all a form of expression. Last spring, when NYC shut down, my art portfolio class also ended. I missed having a space where I could give and receive feedback from my peers. I wanted to connect with others and share ideas, so I started my own WordPress blog. Even though I only have a handful of visitors, I want to continue to update my blog and record my art journey.


I wanted to do a colorful piece to uplift the spirit of the pandemic. I remember seeing these neatly lined up and vibrant Torri from my travels. I drew this off a photo. I used Prisma color pencils. To get different red shades, I layered brown and blue to get a darker shade and yellow and light salmon to get a lighter shade. To darken the leaves, I used indigo to recreate the color I remember in person. I used different cross hatching to translate the movement of the trees in the background.