Talin S. — The Barn

Talin S.
11th Grade — The Berkeley Carroll School
Brooklyn, NY

My art blends a fusion of color and visual sound. I hope to translate my experience as a young Black man into beauty and resiliency with my creations.

As an artist, I feel like my work is defined by two words: colorful and loud. When I paint, draw, or express myself through any medium, my main hope is to convey a piece of myself in each work. Through the style I have found for myself, I feel like I am able to do this. I approach every canvas I work on with the same attitude of calm impatience. This is because I am a very visually expressive person. When an image comes into my mind so clearly that I'm prompted to create it, I simply can't wait for the opportunity. However, this is not to say in the slightest, that I am a brash or irrational artist, but rather that I take great joy in savoring my artistic process. It is when I am listening to music, tool in hand, that I feel most at peace with myself. The dedication that I have to my art in that zone is so hypnotic I can easily let hours slip away. So, when I paint, I am painting the sounds I hear, and the things I taste on the roof of my mouth. That is what my art is at its core, the experiences of my life.

I work in a variety of mixed mediums. I blend acrylic paints, oil paints, wood, glass, ink, and many other materials.

The Barn — 16 x 20, Acrylic, canvas, glue, marker, gloss

This piece was inspired by an assignment where we had to analyze a piece of literature and convey it through a painting. Using some of my prose as a framework, I was able to delve into experimentation, and express joy and movement through untraditional techniques. I love transformative art, and my main focus with this piece was to convey emotion.