Ruth H. — ​​​​​​​Shave or Save

Ruth H.
12th Grade — Spring High School
Houston, TX

I am an 18-year-old Black artist from Houston, TX. Something I follow in my everyday life is to represent the underrepresented, as I find myself as a teen, African American female to be underrepresented in the art world. To achieve this idea, I feature mainly POC in my artwork. My goal with my artwork is to shine light on others and provide a fresh perspective by showing the viewer what is in my mind and how I see the world. I work to make art for everyone and to one day become a household name while I am alive.

Shave or Save — 20 x16. Oil on Canvas.

This painting highlights the push and pull of the conscience. Specifically, the painting is about my struggle with my own hair, constantly having to untangle and needing to use loads of product just to make it manageable. This is a moment of temptation in wanting to shave it to make it easier and wanting to keep it. The use of a young girl will make the viewer reflect on their own past decisions as well as feel sympathy for the girl. The piece is a personal struggle that most can relate to.