Author-Illustrator Grace Lin Captivates Little Calhouners

Little Calhouners across age groups came together for a building-wide study of author and illustrator Grace Lin. With compelling, colorful illustrations and storylines of varying complexity, Lin’s work captivated the wide range of ages that fills the rooms at 74th street.

Lin is Taiwanese-American and shares her culture through her stories while touching on universal themes like family, friendship and food! Each age group focused on a different story or aspect of Lin's work for their projects, drawing inspiration from her stories' illustrations and themes. From writing poems and book reviews to creating kites and origami animals, the study proved to be as layered and varied as this author’s work.

This in depth author study gave Little Calhouners the opportunity to grow their literacy and writing skills while expressing their creativity. Read below to learn more about the work from each age group.

The Young 3's learned about what it means to be an author and an illustrator, then created their very own books. 

Inspired by the story Kite Flying, the 3's embarked on a study about kites, their first endeavor into project work.

The 4's voted for their favorite Grace Lin book. Olivia Swims! came out on top with seven votes. Students then created their own illustrations based on the story. 

Dim Sum for Everyone got kindergartners thinking about food and family. They created their own plates displaying the foods they love to share and with whom.

Kindergarten origami animals

Lissy's Friends, a story about a girl who makes a paper crane from a menu, inspired kindergartners to make these origami animals. 

First graders reflected on themes they saw in Lin's books, focusing on family and community. Then they created their own multimedia artwork inspired by her illustrations. Students noted Lin's use of patterns, solid backgrounds and the colorful, patterned clothing of her characters.

Second graders read Thanking the Moon, then penned their own poems about what the moon means to them. 

These second graders recreated their favorite moments from the story Where the Mountain Meets the Moon in vivid watercolor.

Book reviews were the focus for these second graders. Each student crafted their own piece of writing, answering a series of key questions about their chosen story.