Lower School Celebrates 100 Days of School

Students recently celebrated the 100th day of school. This milestone was commemorated by Little Calhouners through a variety of creative projects featured in their 100 Day Museum

The build-up to this special day allowed students to reflect on the year thus far while also exploring visual representations of the number 100. For the youngest clusters, this took on the form of counting and grouping, while older students used the celebration as a segue to discuss place value, more complex grouping and even reading and writing. 

For their part in the museum, each cluster worked together to represent the number 100 in a unique way. From art projects to literacy games, the museum proved to be a true celebration of Little Calhouners' journey to reach 100 days.

The 3's counted 100 bears by making groups of 10.

These 4's created a collage of 100 diamonds. 

100 origami hearts were crafted with love by Kindergarten clusters the Animals and the Bunnies. 

The museum featured a model of Bowser's Castle, home to the famed Nintendo villain—just one of the projects that brought the mathematical concept of grouping to life. 

Students in second grade celebrated 100 days through writing.

For their contribution, these second graders created their own word game comprised of 100 words. 

These first graders also focused on literacy by creating a game using 100 sight words. Written on the bottom of each cup was a sight word. Choosing 25 at a time, students worked with a partner to review each word before constructing a tower.