Christy Kong

Calhoun teacher and parent Christy Kong shares how strong relationships between teachers and students enhance the learning experience for Little Calhouners and help build the foundation for academic success. 

"This is a school where children can be who they are. We know the children so well; we know that there are many different learning styles. If you don't learn by memorizing, let's try another way. Because there are small groups of children, the teachers are very invested. Once we have this loving, trusting relationship, we can help students explore their interests more. They know that we're interested in what they want to learn, that we're invested in learning with them.

We don't all learn the same way. We don't all learn by sitting and writing and looking. Sometimes we have to touch, we have to experiment, we have to make mistakes. We want to create this environment where the teachers encourage students that we all make mistakes, and that's part of learning.

My children both started here in the fours. Calhoun supported both of my children's personalities, their learning styles and who they were. This foundation is all about understanding each individual person: what makes them tick, what drives them, what their interests are, and how we can support each other. That has helped lay a strong foundation academically for my children."