Julie Presten '15

Independent Study & Internship
 Help Launch "Angelic" Fashion Business

Alumni Julie Presten '15 Launches Angelic Fashion LineFor Julie Presten '15, what began as a Junior Workshop project became the subject of her Senior Work internship study–both of which led to a full-fledged small-business operation, with hundreds of sales already banked.

By early 2015, Julia was ready to put her business plan into motion: Angelic NYC, a clothing line featuring ultra-soft loungewear adorned with angel wings, was born. She began selling her apparel via word of mouth and through social media. The first batch of apparel quickly sold out. Julia then used the six weeks during Senior Work to build and launch her website (shopangelicnyc.com), which enabled her to further expand the fast growing demand for her line.

In an interview in Moda Magazine, Julia credited her Senior Work internship for launching her business. By the middle of her freshman year in college, she had landed her growing line of clothing and accessories in five east coast stores. Ten percent of her sales go to charitable organizations.

“It’s crazy how much has happened already. But I couldn’t have done this without Calhoun’s pathways to pursue independent studies. I don’t know of any other school that would have allowed a student to follow his or her dream as much as Calhoun has allowed me to pursue mine."
- Julie Presten '15