Fall Overnight Camp for Upper School Athletes (Greenkill Camp)

To kick off the Upper School fall season, The Calhoun School’s athletic program will hold the first few practices of the year at the Greenkill Retreat Center at the foot of the Catskills in Huguenot, New York.

What started as a way to get the athletes extra practice time at the beginning of the season has grown to encompass much more than skill development. Athletes get invaluable time to shake off summer rust, build and contribute to a technical foundation, and scrimmage with their teammates, but we’ve come to learn the hours between sessions prove just as, if not more, important than any technical work we do. Our players have the opportunity to participate and lead workshops on mindset (fixed vs. growth mindset), motivation, positive self-talk, communication, success vs. mastery orientation, and identity. These workshops offer athletes the tools to be leaders on and off the court/field/track, while giving us an opportunity to focus on culture creation as teams and a collective program.

At Greenkill, we build our core values and set the tone and tempo for the entire season. Skills are great, but establishing a strong, meaningful culture creates our success. Not only that, the camp also serves as a valuable orientation for those students who are new to The Calhoun School and our athletic program.

The 2020 camps will run from Tues., Aug. 25 to Fri., Aug. 28 for Cross Country, Soccer and Volleyball teams. In order for your child to attend, please fill out the permission slip no later than Friday, May 22, 2020. This camp is for Calhoun students only.

For more information on the schedule and cost, registration and payment forms, and team-specific details:

Note: We never want money to be a barrier to participation. For this trip, students will receive the same percentage of financial aid that they have for school. If you foresee payment being an issue or deterrent, please reach out to Sabrina Zurkuhlen, Calhoun's Athletic Director. The Athletic Department will do everything possible to ensure every student interested in attending is able to do so.