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College Counseling

College Counseling

Despite being in one of the most highly competitive cities for college placement, we don’t view the college application process as bootcamp. At Calhoun, our process represents an opportunity to hone our students’ decision-making skills and empower their choices in order to set them up for success far beyond the four years of university.

Our graduates matriculate to a versatile array of esteemed colleges and universities across the country. No matter what path they select, the choice is theirs to own.

Our aim is for students to come away from their college applications and interviews with deeper self-awareness and self-worth—traits that form the passionate tenacity to fulfill any future ambition.

College Timeline

College counseling at Calhoun is a highly individualized, four-year program designed to match each student with the perfect fit school. Our college counselors closely mentor each Upper School student, guiding them through the process with their strengths in mind and their interests at heart.

Here’s a look at what the college process looks like throughout Upper School.