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1st Grade Social Studies

Social studies work in 1st grade encompasses four areas of study:

  • Identity unit: Students explore the concept of identity through activities such as sharing the story of important objects from home with a “share bag,” writing an autobiography and a poem, and creating self-portraits.
  • Pocket Person unit: An interdisciplinary study combining math, social studies and language arts. Students create a cloth “Pocket Person” and engage in activities such as writing the Pocket Person’s story, creating a birth certificate, and furnishing a home – all of which serve to illustrate concepts such as community, wants versus needs, and more. 
  • Mammal Study: An in-depth research project during which students investigate a mammal of choice and then represent their learning through the creation of a book, diorama, painting and 3D sculpture.  
  • Changemakers unit:  Children study individuals who have made an important contribution to society and explore ways in which they can make a difference.