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3's Curriculum

The 3’s curriculum focuses on:

  • Literacy: Participating in tactile activities to build pre-literacy skills. For example, a teacher might take dictation during an art project, or emphasize the sounds of the letters in a child’s name.
  • Numeracy: Gaining familiarity with numbers through hands-on experience. For example, children might count the seeds of a hollowed out pumpkin or the number of classmates at meeting time.
  • Social skills: Practicing teamwork through collaborative interaction, and learning appropriate language to resolve conflicts
  • Observation and reflection: Engaging in seasonal activities to observe and reflect on what is found in nature.

Thematic units in the 3’s curriculum include:

  • Cooking: Learning math and science through the acts of measuring, recipe reading, and observing how ingredients change physical properties when mixed.
  • Spanish: Studying the Spanish vocabulary for days of the week, colors and numbers.
  • Project-based learning:  Building inquiry and research skills through projects that emerge from children’s interests and questions.