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4's Curriculum

The 4’s curriculum focuses on:

  • Language arts: Building literacy skills through activities such as journaling, book making, observational drawing and story time.
  • Mathematics:
    • Learning concepts such as patterns, equivalency, and grouping by 10’s
    • Introducing numerical concepts through observing physical attributes such as size, shape and color
    • Using Unifix cubes to manipulate numbers
    • Displaying numerical understanding through the creation of a 100 Museum exhibit
  • Community building
    • Adjusting to school routines and building relationships with peers
    • Learning to take care of one another and use words and bodies for good
  • Student development
    • Fostering independence and self-help skills
    • Strengthening concentration and follow-through

Thematic units in the 4’s curriculum include:

  • Identity and family study:  Exploring our own self-identities and families through self-portraits and family drawings
  • Changemakers:  Studying social justice heroes such as Gandhi, Celia Cruz, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges and Tito Puente
  • Project-based learning:  Building inquiry and research skills through projects that emerge from children’s interests and questions.