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Language Arts

The kindergarten program is infused with daily activities that support literacy and language development. Specific examples include:

  • Daily story reading
  • Journal work – Illustrating a story idea accompanied by writing using phonetic spelling or by dictating text to the teacher
  • Letter formation – Practicing proper letter formation using the workbook Handwriting without Tears, with an emphasis on lower case letters that are important for reading.
  • Letter sound awareness – Recognizing consonant and vowel sounds through classroom discussions, work sheets and the introduction of word families such as hat, mat, sat, etc.
  • Increased and individualized writing opportunities as the year progresses through activities such as labeling, writing notes to friends, creating books, writing stories, etc.
  • Individualized reading – Working one-on-one with the teacher on basic phonics and reading strategies to understand meaning, depending on a child’s level of reading development.