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Social Studies

Examples of thematic units in the kindergarten social studies curriculum include:

  • Identity Study  Learning about ourselves and the members of our classroom community. The identity study encompasses these projects:
    • Name Study – Graphing classroom data to examine the number of letters in each student's name, plus the particular letters in the names. Children also share the story behind their names.
    • Developing a Questionnaire – Brainstorming a list of questions to learn more about one another, which each child answers working individually with the teacher.
    • Monthly Self-Portraits – Drawing self-portraits each month to practice observation skills. After the first portrait, each feature of the face is focused on individually to emphasize attention to detail.
  • Five Senses Study – Learning the function of individual facial features as a follow up to our identity study.
  • Introduction to Research – Learning how to ask questions, research the answers and document the findings across disciplines, laying the foundation for group project work.
  • Project Work – Each kindergarten teacher identifies a topic of common interest and uses it to reinforce and enhance language arts and mathematics in combination with other disciplines.  Past examples include a food study and a symmetry/quilt study.
  • Changemakers – Studying the unique process and style of individuals and artists who have had a societal impact.