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English Electives
  • Creative Writing: This class is designed to help students explore and refine their individual creative voices. The class covers many forms of writing including fiction, poetry and memoir. Often the class serves as a workshop where students can present their pieces and receive feedback from their peers, enabling them to revise and polish their work. By the end of the year, students should expect to have completed several polished pieces as well as many shorter exercises.
  • Cracking the Case: What Makes a Good Mystery?: Learn about elements that make up a good mystery story by reading short stories, watching movies and television shows. We look at different kinds of mysteries, such as crime procedurals, suspense, whodunit, and more. After learning about the genre, we create our own mysteries using writing, film, or other ways that can help make sense of the evidence!
  • Literature Circle: Do you love to read and talk about what you read? This small group discussion course is for you! We’ll read novels and short stories of high interest and meet to talk about them! Think of it as a book club that meets often.
  • Middle School Newspaper: Are you interested in contributing to a Middle School newspaper? Together, we’ll build an even bigger and better paper! This class also serves as an introduction to journalism. We will talk about what makes a good newspaper article, and workshop different kinds of newspaper articles—including news stories, reviews, features, columns and more.