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In Middle School math, students master the concepts that will prepare them for geometry and advanced mathematical thinking in high school and beyond. Learn more about what students can expect as they progress through their math studies in Upper School. 

A fundamental guiding question for all math classes is “why?” We focus on equipping students with a firm grasp of the underlying concepts of math, giving them a solid foundation for the advanced math they'll encounter in high school.

Fifth grade math is very project-based, with the goal of connecting to real-world math, building creativity and problem-solving. Through a range of activities targeted at a variety of learning styles, students develop algebraic thinking and begin to transition into geometry.

Much of sixth grade math focuses on the concept of equivalency, while also providing an introduction to geometry and pre-algebra. In seventh grade, students build on the concept of equivalency and delve into the notion of variables, including a robust exploration of algebra. In eighth grade algebra, students expand the properties of equality and explore exponent rules, radicals, absolute value, graphing and more. Throughout, students face context-based problems and are challenged to construct a roadmap through unfamiliar problems.

Middle School math fosters students who become lifelong mathematicians, and who have the tools, strategies and confidence to overcome problems.