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Physical Education
  • Weight Training: The weight training and fitness class provides each student with the knowledge needed to understand the importance of strength and fitness training. Students go over weight room safety and work-out etiquette, and learn the significance of creating a fitness plan. Students learn the importance of setting goals for personal improvement and achievement, and leave the class with a lifelong understanding of how to maintain adequate physical fitness for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cooperative Games: The Cooperative Games elective is an opportunity for students to use cooperative games as a means for social and emotional development. Students will participate in a variety of activities that work on teamwork, trust, and communication. Students will be able to use the low and high elements in the gym, including Ropes, the Rock Wall, Dangle Duo, and the Centipede, just to name a few. Students will learn proper climbing techniques, as well as how to implement problem solving strategies within the various elements.