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Middle School science courses are collaborative, project-based, and foster the development of independent scientific inquiry. In Middle School science, students learn how to conduct experimental research, collect, analyze and extrapolate data, and share their findings with peers and the public.

Fifth grade lessons include study of electricity and magnetism, with a variety of inquiry-based experiments to see these principles in action. Sixth grade science class introduces students to the nature of science and the scientific method, and includes a brief introduction to chemistry, physics, earth science and ecology. Seventh grade science focuses on physics and an introduction to chemistry. Eighth graders explore the micro and macro aspects of life, looking at the basis of life and the cell and working their way up to anatomy, natural selection and ecosystems.

Throughout Middle School science, students grow in their ability to independently conduct research and write lab reports, use science-specific language to convey ideas, and support their ideas with evidence. Middle Schoolers also learn advanced technology, modeling and data collection using tools such as Tinkercad, Adobe Spark, Google Suite and more.