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Social Studies

The Middle School social studies program provides experiences that promote students’ ability to think critically and creatively, consider how people have pushed for equality throughout history, and become effective global citizens in an interdependent world. Sixth graders begin by studying geography and examining the relationship between people and their environments. Seventh graders spend the year looking at early American history from multiple perspectives, and delving into civics and the Constitution. In eighth grade, students examine US history from 1877 to the present, as well as current political, economic and social conditions in the United States.

In social studies classes, students engage in a multi-layered approach to writing, researching and presenting that requires them to solve complex problems with the latest technology. They develop their research skills through the creation of research projects, papers and presentations. By the end of Middle School, students are able to analyze trends in present-day events, evaluate and draw conclusions from multiple sources, and identify opportunities for personal or collaborative action to improve conditions in their community, region or nation.