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In Upper School music classes, process is our focus and the results that follow are determined by the interests, motivation and work ethic of our students. The musical product that is created evolves naturally as students collaborate to build a sense of teamwork and trust. Under the guidance of our expert faculty, this experience provides students with the support necessary to fully explore their musical passions.

Through our rehearsals and performances, lessons and discussions, we strive to create spaces for young people to take on new challenges, support one another, and learn to believe in themselves through practicing persistence and accountability. We play a wide range of repertoire which is guided each year by student requests including classical, rock, jazz and film scores. Chamber music and large ensembles are our focus, but there is also opportunity for solo work, composition and more. 

Highlights of Music Courses:

  • Practical Music Theory: How Music Works
  • History Through Popular Music
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Race, Culture, Music in 21st Century America