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Physical Education

Each Calhoun student is required to complete two P.E. credits per academic year, for a total of eight credits before graduation. Students can accumulate credits in the following ways:

  • Attend and participate in a P.E. class
  • Participate in a physical activity outside of school
  • Participate on a Calhoun Athletics team

Calhoun Athletics

Students can join one of the many Calhoun Athletics teams offered each season to acquire P.E. credits. See the Calhoun Athletics team directory.

Physical education classes give students exposure to different sports and fitness activities in a structured environment. While some students enjoy including a physical education class in their weekly schedules, other students prefer the freedom of pursuing physical activities outside of school. Calhoun Upper School students can choose to acquire P.E. credits by participating in a sports team, going to their own gym, or taking fitness classes outside of school such as dance, martial arts, spin or yoga.